With the custom application by our certified airbrush technician, you won’t end up with those irritating circles under your buttocks where the automatic spray tan booth didn’t spray. Custom airbrush tanning also means that your tan will be applied evenly so that you don’t wind up with an uneven tan or dripping streaks that sometimes happen in automated booths. Your certified technician can tend to any concerns about your tan or answer any questions you may have.

Everybody has areas of their body that could use a little extra tan – did you know that many body builders give the illusion of having much firmer abs by the method in which they apply their airbrush tan? Automated spray tanning booths are unable to give that type of attention to detail.

When you get a custom airbrush tan your airbrush technician will ask you certain questions that will help them learn what you would like to achieve during your airbrush tanning session. From there they will be able to customize your tan to meet those needs!