Alopecia? Receding Hairline? Baldness on top? Scars?

Whatever degree of hair loss that you are experiencing, our artists at Scottsdale Aesthetics can recreate the looking of growing hair. Say no to surgery, pills, and potions, and call us today to schedule a consult!

Scalp MicroPigmentation is a great cosmetic option for men & women with general thinning and scar covering. Scalp MicroPigmentation can be used to conceal old hair transplant scars, scarring alopecias (Alopecia Areata and Alopecia Totalis), and scarring from neurosurgical procedures or burns.


SMP is making headway in the beauty industry. Fill in bald areas, create a new and youthful hairline, cover scars, or just add more fullness/density. SMP brings back your confidence without barbaric surgery, pills that kill your sex drive, or potions that you use for the rest of your life that don't really work. This is the newest and absolute best way to make it appear you still grow hair where you do not. We are making men happy again, one scalp at a time.